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NWA further enables customers to predict and prevent process-related issues through real-time analytics.

PORTLAND, Oregon, April 13, 2015 -- Northwest Analytics, Inc. today announced a major software update to their award-winning enterprise manufacturing intelligence solution, NWA Focus EMI®, further extending its leadership position delivering value to customers through the application and visibility of real-time analytics to manufacturing processes to detect and prevent potential issues before they result in reduced yields, higher costs, and process down time.

“Today’s modern manufacturer recognizes the critical need to move from a paradigm of inspecting and rejecting bad product to predicting and preventing issues with analytics during the production process,” said Northwest Analytics CEO Robert Ward. “Across the range of manufacturing verticals, companies of all sizes such as The Dow Chemical Company, Gilead Sciences, Honeywell, Palmer Foundry and many others are unlocking the value of their existing process data with NWA Focus EMI to control and improve processes in real time.”

The update, Version 1.2, includes a combination of major enhancements and functional improvements to NWA Focus EMI including:

·        A display mode allowing dashboard indicators to be superimposed over any graphic image such as process diagrams, maps, or decision trees;

·        Pre-defined support tools enabling users to launch documents, external applications or URLs to instantly display SOPs, OCAPs, technical documents and diagnostic routines;

·        And nested dashboards delivering a mix of lists, array and layout formats in the same dashboard design to better target dashboard designs to individual user roles and needs.


“Since its introduction to the market in 2013, NWA Focus EMI has clearly established itself as the leading technology enabling manufacturers to leverage analytics to shift to a predict and prevent operational mode,” noted Northwest Analytics Vice President of Marketing Peter Guilfoyle. “Significant improvements in this update, which also enhances architectural-related performance, adds to the information available for display and increases dashboard flexibility to more closely match the visualization and interaction needs of each user and role.”

NWA Focus EMI’s unique direct-connect approach and real-time global analytics layer enable users to quickly install, implement and realize value from the data they are currently collecting from their manufacturing processes. Other functionality improvements include data brushing, compact indicator arrays, and enhanced notification services and dashboard designer capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

The Version 1.2 software update for NWA Focus EMI is available immediately and included free-of-charge to existing NWA Focus EMI customers as part of the NWA Software Maintenance Program. Further information about purchasing NWA Focus EMI can be found here.