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Northwest Analytics & Processing Magazine


A recent piece from Processing Magazine – Productive Perspectives: How Process Industries Are Ahead of Their Time – noted the challenges of applying robust analytics to manufacturing process data.

The diversity of data sources related to process data – MES, process historians, LIMS, HMI/SCADA, quality systems – is not only one of the major obstacles manufacturers face when it comes to applying analytics to generate real-time (analytics-based) alarms to drive process improvement. That obstacle is also one that any leading enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution can address with a global analytics layer and without requiring a customer to replicate or moving of their existing process data. Of course, few solutions with the EMI tag are meet those market needs.

Process Magazine highlights how Dow Chemical is ahead of their time when it comes to their approach to EMI and real-time, analytics-based alarming.

Please read the full article here.