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#IFPAC 2017 Conference- The Dow Chemical Company


Manufacturing Analytics – Changing the way organizations operationalize data

The concept of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) as an operational analytics platform was introduced to The Dow Chemical Company nearly four years ago. Since that time through the use of a real-time EMI solution, Dow has generated tremendous value and ROI by mastering operational and quality data together in a contextualized format that has significantly improved operational reliability and plant safety.

Dow Chemical’s Dr. Lloyd Colegrove, director of data services and fundamental problem solving, instrumental in the implementation of EMI at Dow, will drive the discussion at #IFPAC next week specifically about the cultural journey they took as a result of implementing manufacturing analytics in an effort to drive value from existing process data. 

Session information:
Winning the battle of culture change in manufacturing analytics.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, 7:50A-12P

The journey towards Dow’s vision for the artful use of large structured and unstructured data sets in real-time plant operation and problem solving is a story of technology, salesmanship, and the hard work of convincing a company that significant value lies in large collections of under-utilized data. Indeed, the authors of Competing On Analytics(2) presaged our implementation teams’ trials calling on the absolute need for Sr. Management engagement to support changing the analytics culture of a company, or when failing that, to take the longer road to proving what value lies hidden beneath the obvious. As the authors admitted, the longer road is often the most traveled road.
This talk will frame the early efforts in Dow to change attitudes and culture of our data practices in manufacturing, reveal key learnings along the journey, and demonstrate some key successes for conquering “big data” in the chemical manufacturing environment.

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