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Transform Operations Strategies to Deliver More Agility & Flexibility with an ISA-95 Maturity Model

Webinar: Transform Operations StrategiesGlobal competitiveness requires increasing manufacturing agility while maintaining quality, production performance and on-time shipments.  To meet these needs market leading companies incorporate ISA-95 Maturity Models as a core strategy to improve agility.

The strategy depends on manufacturing intelligence solutions to deliver role specific reporting to support decision making and enable people to take process ownership and drive manufacturing transformation through maturity levels from ad-hoc operations to continuous improvement:

  • Level 1: Ad-hoc Operations
  • Level 2: Planning and Control
  • Level 3: Standardized Processes
  • Level 4: Predictable Performance
  • Level 5: Continuous Improvement

For over fifteen years ISA-95 has been the standard to model these processes.  Maturity Models map the manufacturing transformation strategy that integrates real-time process systems with the supply chain as a business and operational strategy to drive operational excellence.  

Rod Parry will explain how to use Maturity Models to develop a Manufacturing Transformation Strategy to achieve the flexibility, agility and process optimization required for global competitiveness. These strategies enable companies to deploy these cohesive strategies for operations excellence. 


Rod Parry is the Managing Director at Factory IQ a consulting practice in manufacturing operation management, MES systems and energy that integrates ISA standards, IT, vendor systems and a common information model to connect the manufacturing plant with the supply chain and ERP systems. Rod is currently chair of the MESA Metrics Reference Model working group.

Mr. Parry is a thirty year veteran developing and integrating MOM/MES and process automation with enterprise applications. Prior to founding FactoryIQ, he held positions at Intel, Microsoft and MCS Technology.