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Transform Manufacturing Operations – A Discussion with the Chairman of the ISA-95 Best Practices Group

Process Historians, LIMS, QIS and MES – all systems that go into managing a manufacturing plant. Most often these were designed and installed as discrete projects and not as part of a comprehensive plan. But today’s corporate goals and supply chain requirements demand integrated Manufacturing Operations Management.

Making the move to state-of-the-art operations management requires an accepted model such as ISA-95 and an understanding of current best practices to take legacy systems and transform them into modern compliant systems.

The ISA-95 Best Practices Group is now releasing their latest book, The MOM Chronicles - ISA-95 Best Practices Book 3.0. The book builds upon the first two volumes from the committee to explain the methods needed to build the 21stCentury MOM architecture for real-time corporate process management systems based on continuous improvement and supply chain requirements.

Charlie Gifford, Chairman of the ISA-95 Best Practices Group, will discuss the latest thoughts on implementing MOM, EMI and related manufacturing systems. Take this opportunity to hear the best practices distilled from the knowledge and experience of global MES/MOM experts.

About the Presenter

Charlie Gifford is President of 21stCentury Manufacturing Solutions, a provider of consulting services in real time manufacturing information systems based on the ISA-95 standard. He is the founder and, for the last eight years, Chairman of the ISA-95 Best Practices Group.