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System Implementation for EMI – Go Live is Just Another Milestone

Implementing enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) and manufacturing-management systems requires a total system approach which combines the technology with the development of the organization’s people skills. It is common in successful implementations for the effort to be divided between one part technical and system issues and two parts organization and people issues.

Rob Bansek, Business Solutions Architect for SightBridge Consulting, will map an EMI implementation path using  Discover, Align, Enable and Sustain (a variation of the Deming PDCA cycle) to illustrate a means of success as follows:

  • Discover - Understand the scope and measures for success
  • Align - Develop a mandate for change; design systems that align with that mandate and resonate with people
  • Enable - Deploy EMI in a way that people understand their role in the system and also drive accountability for realizing improvement
  • Sustain - Deploy processes that consistently assess and reinforce EMI for management, thereby insuring the value of the tools are realized over time

This holistic approach develops a System for Management that seamlessly aligns technology, people and processes. Manufacturers are then able to use EMI to transform themselves into high-performance, knowledge-driven organizations.

The speaker:

Rob Bansek, Business Solutions Architect at SightBridge Consulting. For more than 20 years he has served manufacturing clients in the areas of MES, OEE, Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement. In his consulting experience he has developed programs to integrate technology implementation with organizational and personnel development to begin, grow and sustain continuous improvement efforts.