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The Right Data in the Right Place at the Right Time

Superior supply chain and enterprise management depends on clean and complete data. This impacts both the customer and vendor sides and directly impacts the overall value chain and ROI. Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) provides critical infrastructure for supply chain and enterprise management.

Mark Gavoor will discuss how high performing manufacturers incorporate MI and the elements of sustainable improvement to develop world-class supply chain systems including:

  • How to integrate continuous improvement into supply chain and ERP implementations;
  • Implementing Supply Chain Physics to meet and beat market needs and improve accountability across all functions in the enterprise;
  • Trimming program proliferation and focusing on the essential few for maximum results.

Accountability across functions and continuous improvement across the enterprise depend upon properly implemented MI. On the receiving end supply chain management provides better value, better supplier management and reduced time to solutions. On the supplier side this means reduced overhead, faster time to issue resolution and higher customer satisfaction. By deploying MI, companies realize greater supply chain value and a rapid ROI.

When a company adopts this strategy, operations and supply chain deliver the Right Product in the Right Place at the Right Time in the Right Quantities - which requires first that the Right Data is in the Right Place at the Right Time with Perfect Quality.


Mark Gavoor is the Managing Director of CR-Supply Chain Consulting which helps manufacturers and distributors reduce inventory, improve service, and generate cash by identifying and continually optimizing essential demand and supply variables to drive sustainable superior performance.

Mr. Gavoor is an experienced supply chain and quality management executive and practitioner, and frequent speaker and writer on supply chain and quality management topics. He has been VP Supply Chain, Sanford NA (Rubbermaid); Director of Customer Service and Logistics, Colgate-Palmolive; and Manager, TQM at Rockwell Automotive.