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Metrics, KPIs, and Process Insights – Implementing High Performance Manufacturing Intelligence

How can a company become a superior performer?

John Jackiw will discuss the optimal strategies to identify and organize the right metrics and use the right analytics to produce the actionable information needed for best-in-class performance.

As recent MESA studies show, the best performing companies most aggressively use manufacturing process metrics to guide decision making. Informed operations and management decisions will push both routine operations and strategic activities to the highest performance levels.

High performance management depends upon actionable intelligence based on the right information. Producing that information depends upon selecting the right metrics and identifying the right data sources.

The first step is to review the available metrics as process parameters in general and determine which are Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in particular. The second is to determine which data is needed. While the easy choice is to use accessible existing data, a more thorough analysis can direct the company to seek out the data that is really critical to understanding process performance.

Our Presenter:

John Jackiw is Business Development Manager at Alta Via Consulting. He is an active member of MESA International where he is a founding member of the Global education team, a MESA Authorized Instructor (MAI), and serves on the metrics committee as team leader and project manager of the MESA publication “Metrics Framework and Guidebook 2ndEdition”.