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Improving Packaging Line Performance with OEE and SPC

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is a widely recognized Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that provides a high level indication of operational performance.  OEE incorporates measures of machine or system availability, throughput and quality into a KPI that can be monitored for alarming and analyzed with process based analytics such as SPC.

Wendy Armel and Dan Engelhard of Stone Technologies will discuss how to effectively apply OEE to packaging operations in food, beverage, and consumer goods production. They will discuss:

  • What is the OEE KPI and how is it applied to packaging operations. How can active use of OEE support compliance with regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act and industry standards such as GFSI?
  • How to serve the needs of OEE users in Operations, Maintenance and Quality.
  • How to incorporate process based analytics such as SPC to alert operations to production problems and provide manufacturing intelligence and decision support for efficient operation and continuous improvement. 

About Wendy Armel and Dan Engelhard

Wendy Armel is Senior MES Engineer at Stone Technologies. Wendy is project engineer for MES projects and leads design, software development and start-up for OEE and Downtime systems. She has extensive experience in food, beverage, consumer goods and packaging industrial applications.

Dan Engelhard is Director of Business Development and Marketing at Stone Technologies. For twenty years, Dan has focused on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), PLC/HMI systems in addition to other real-time integration applications. His experience includes business development, project and business management, and supply chain enterprise to manufacturing integration.

Stone Technologies an information (Manufacturing Execution System –MES / Manufacturing Operation Management-MOM) & control systems integrator.  Stone Technologies provides industrial automation services including process control and MES/MOM consulting, design, software development, and commissioning. Control Engineering and Packaging Digest named Stone Technologies the 2010 System Integrator of the Year.