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Improve Corporate Performance with Manufacturing Intelligence

The recent MESA study Performance Improvement and Metrics Practices highlighted the superior business performance by companies who actively leverage Manufacturing Intelligence (MI). On May 31, the study’s author, Ted Bobkowski, will reveal how forward-thinking manufacturers can prepare themselves to incorporate these gains into their own companies.

Mr. Bobkowski will discuss:

  • The use of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and MI to yield larger increases in profit and quality;
  • Aligning metrics across the organization to develop more productive management at all levels;
  • Clear definition of the metrics and understanding the source data to ensure accuracy and buy in from all departments.

By developing “One Version of the Truth”, improving communications, and delivering real-time decision support, an organization will better understand the relationships and impact of one variable or metric on another and how to optimize production accordingly. The manufacturing intelligence ultimately results in increased process performance including higher throughput and quality.


Ted Bobkowski is Project Manager and Consultant in Operational Process Improvements at Innovative Manufacturing Solutions. Previously he held the position of Director of Manufacturing Execution Systems at Leprino Foods. He is a long time contributor to the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) and a frequent speaker and writer on the applications of MOM and MI.