How Data Collection Shapes Manufacturing Intelligence Performance


Webinar: How Data Collection Shapes MI PerformanceManufacturers have invested heavily in facilities, automation, and plant-floor systems to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, but it is apparent that more is needed. To reach the next level and become a top performer you need to extend beyond your current quality analytics to the state-of-the-art methods known as Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI), a journey you’ve already started with continuous improvement programs

 And, it all starts with good data collection.   

 EMI lets you look deeper with greater understanding over the complete company through five functions:

  • Aggregation:Making data available from multiple sources.
  • Contextualization:Providing a structure for data that identifies key relationships.
  • Analysis:Converting data to useful information for identifying problems and making decisions.
  • Visualization:Presenting information in clear and timely formats (such as dashboards).
  • Propagation:Delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

Because data collection procedures impact aggregation, contextualization and analysis, they directly affect management decision-making. Therefore, EMI depends on good data to improve your performance and profitability.

The webinar uses real world user profiles to demonstrate best practices for data collection and organization to maximize value by delivering effective EMI. You’ll learn how to:

  •  Organize data collection strategies to maximize information value, support effective statistical analysis and minimize costs.
  • Aggregate data across multiple sources while dealing with the specific challenges of LIMS, Process Historians, Quality Systems, MES and ERP.
  • Preserve context throughout data collection and management while dealing with mixed continuous, batch, and discrete processes.

Join us to see how EMI provides management a more comprehensive, clearer overview of the manufacturing enterprise than has been possible before. Learn how EMI enables your company to develop best of class manufacturing and superior business performance. 

With the analytics, we know exactly where we are and can take actions to make the best beer.

Mike Domenighini, QA Manager, Widmer Bros/Craft Brewers Alliance

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