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Five Key Building Blocks for a Successful Analytics Program

Webinar: Five Key Building BlocksNWA webinars have explored the software and systems infrastructure needed for successful Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence. The next focus is the skill sets and culture to be developed to realize the value in EMI.

What can be learned from the parallel discipline of Business Analytics that can be applied to increasing the EMI role in corporate management?  Comparing and contrasting Business Intelligence and EMI provide insights into the training, culture and commitment needed to realize the benefits of analytics as a key decision support strategy.

Sarah Gates, VP of Research at the International Institute for Analytics, will describe the five critical competencies businesses should develop to build a successful analytics program. Using the DELTA model framework, Sarah will discuss how successful executives develop and create significant business value from analytics, especially with predictive modeling and prescriptive capabilities that are essential for organizations to compete in the 21stCentury.

Our Guest

Sarah Gates is the VP of Research at IIA. In this role, Sarah delivers leading analytics insights and guidance to companies in the US and abroad, helping them use analytics to improve decision-making. Prior to joining IIA, Sarah worked for 20 years in a variety of financial, analytical and operational leadership positions in business and in Oregon state government.