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Collaborative Manufacturing – a Conversation with Michael McClellan

No capable manufacturer would dream of running a company without an integrated accounting system that enables everyone in the company to work from the same sheet. And yet, many manufacturers still do not use standardized real-time process based analytics to distribute important decision support information to everyone and support effective stakeholder collaboration. How can manufacturers develop this critical capability?

Smart management recognizes that companies with isolated islands of information are not going to win in today’s competitive markets. Eliminating these data silos to make critical decision support information readily available to every stakeholder in the company dramatically increases the company’s competitiveness.

This is fundamental to collaborative manufacturing and has become one of the major trends among successful companies during the last decade. On January 31 we will have a public conversation with Michael McClellan, the man who literally wrote the book on collaborative manufacturing, Collaborative Manufacturing: Using Real-time Information to Support the Supply Chain

We will discuss the evolution of manufacturing management systems, the development of collaborative methods and infrastructure and the role of Manufacturing Intelligence, Analytics and Communication as key collaboration enablers.

You can read an introduction to Mr. McClellan’s thoughts in his article, “Collaborative manufacturing: A strategy built on trust and cooperation”.


Our Presenter:

Michael McClellan is President of Vancouver, WA based Collaboration Synergies Incorporated, an advisory company providing consulting services in the area of real-time manufacturing information systems, collaborative manufacturing system development and implementation, and manufacturing execution systems (MES). He has been an active leader in developing the concept of modern collaborative manufacturing and has authored two books, “Applying Manufacturing Execution Systems” and “Collaborative Manufacturing: Using Real-time Information to Support the Supply Chain”