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Applying Process-based Analytics to Audit Results for Process Management and Improvement

Operational audits and inspections play a critical role in assuring the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System (FSMS).  To realize the maximum value and effectiveness for process management and improvement, key process indicators should be identified and plotted on control charts.  The control charts can then be assessed for trends, so actions can be taken before a food safety incident occurs. 

The proper linkage and operation of the FSMS components enables successful certification audits and gives confidence to Senior Management and other stakeholders that the plant has a robust food safety management system in place.  By applying process analytics such as SPC to sanitation data management can continuously monitor the FSMS performance, improve compliance and reduce risk.

Your Presenter

John Surak is principal of Surak and Associates, a full service food safety and quality consulting service. He works with the food processing industry in developing food safety and quality management systems, designing and implementing process control systems, and implementing Six Sigma and business analytics systems.

Dr. Surak has more than 30 years of experience. He works with industry and governmental agencies in applying the principles of quality and food safety management. In addition, he held industrial positions including managing nutritional process and product development for Wyeth Laboratories and serving as vice president of quality and food safety for the Brooks Food Group. Dr. Surak is a professor emeritus of applied economics and statistics at Clemson University.

In addition to Dr. Surak’s industry responsibilities, he heads the USTAG to ISO’s Subcommittee 17 of Technical Committee 34. This subcommittee is responsible for managing the ISO 22000 family of standards.