In Pursuit of Performance Excellence

April 25, 2012

The big promise of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) is that it will transform your company into a high-performance, knowledge-driven organization. And, when that happens, you will be more productive and profitable.

The Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) has shown this promise to be true. In their latest study, Pursuit of Performance Excellence:  Business Success through Effective Plant Operations Metrics, they demonstrate that a major difference between companies that show superior profitability (Business Movers) and lower performing companies is active use of automated data collection and key aspects of EMI (integration, aggregation, analytics, visibility).

Since MESA found Business Movers in every company size range and every region of the world the difference is not primarily demographic, but rather their business and production management disciplines. The most successful companies are much more likely to have well defined metrics from business to plant to line level and to promptly deliver them to their staff.

The research shows that over a third of responding companies are piloting or planning to buy manufacturing management and EMI systems. The companies that use these systems generally show greater business performance improvements than the rest.

Yet further support to justify expanding your existing quality systems and move to implement EMI in your company. And, further evidence of the old maxim, doing well by doing good. 


“NWA Quality Analyst is our worldwide standard.”

Panna Chaudhari, PhD, VP Scientific Affairs, Fortitech

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