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NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite enables manufacturers to address industry’s top challenges and deliver operational excellence

In today’s fast-moving world, Northwest Analytics is redefining the future of manufacturing knowledge. A proven leader in manufacturing analytics, Northwest Analytics announced the launch of the NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite™ to empower manufacturers to address some of its most critical challenges and accelerate digital transformation by fully leveraging their institutional knowledge.

Building on the firm’s capabilities to support the identification of early-warning signals and the amplification of process knowledge for quick, decisive action, the NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite, unveiled at a livestreamed event today, goes beyond the initial signal to enabling manufacturers to retain and share analytics-vetted process knowledge across their enterprises for operational excellence.

Peter Guilfoyle, chief executive officer of Northwest Analytics, stated “NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite goes beyond the simple identification of potential process issues and where other analytics providers stop. The suite enables leading manufacturers to address several of their most pressing operational issues by easily capturing the institutional knowledge associated with the resolution of any process issue and making that available to anyone in the company.”

“The suite connects each analytics signal with all related information and resolution activities to help ensure that valuable institutional knowledge that exists throughout the employee base is identified, codified and amplified.”

With focuses on speed, accuracy and consistency of process related decisions, the suite connects subject matter expertise directly with analytics and delivers the contextualized output that is then available to help other shifts or sites to enable personnel to solve process issues faster, ultimately helping them to save time and money.

Greg Gorbach, vice president, ARC Advisory Group, said: "The NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite software platform enhances operating performance in manufacturing by addressing several known and top-of-mind issues for manufacturers.

Operationalizing the knowledge generated by analytics so that knowledge can be leveraged across an enterprise can alleviate the loss of institutional knowledge caused by employee retirements and resignations, improve time-to-productivity for newly hired operators and process engineers, and help bridge the ever-widening skills gaps."  

NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite delivers numerous additional benefits including giving a prescriptive approach which allows users to respond with specific actions to deliver specific results, operationalizing analytics, providing a direct connection between early-warning signals and internal subject matter expertise, empowering change before significant process deviation occurs, and offering support to multiple manufacturing analytics methodologies, including Machine Learning & Multivariate models, etc., allowing users to match the optimal analytics approach to specific challenges faces and problems to be solved. 

Mr. Guilfoyle added, “Northwest Analytics led the way with the introduction of real-time process analytics to understand process states. We continued at the forefront by enabling manufacturers to operationalize manufacturing analytics for immediate and consistent action for process deviations. Today, we are proud to continue to set the pace for our customers and the entire manufacturing industry with the introduction of NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite.”

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Notes to editor:

Northwest Analytics is the leading provider of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 manufacturing analytics solutions for manufacturers, delivering process decision guidance for 35% of the Forbes 1000 manufacturers and more than 3,000 manufacturing customers worldwide.

Northwest Analytics is focused exclusively on enabling better operational visibility and analytics-based decision making for manufacturers through a powerful, easy-to-use suite of manufacturing analytics solutions that emphasize enterprise-wide integration, scalability, and sustainability.

Northwest Analytics is the partner-of-choice when it comes to helping its customers increase operating efficiencies and throughput, while delivering a fast and effective ROI.