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Northwest Analytics (NWA) and Sartorius Data Analytics announce new partnership that will expand single-source, real-time analytics methodologies available to manufacturers. The partnership is an extension of Northwest Analytics’ ongoing focus on enabling manufacturers with a highly scalable analytics foundation that drives digital transformation and Industry 4.0 programs.

“This partnership between Northwest Analytics and Sartorius supports the long-held NWA position of being the analytics enabler for our customers to solve their most pressing process problems,” said Northwest Analytics CEO, Peter Guilfoyle. “This collaboration with Sartorius ultimately empowers our customers to avail themselves to additional analytics capabilities through the NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite to keep processes running smoothly and continue operations uninterrupted.”

NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite is the leading industrial analytics solution for the identification of early-warning signals, codification of the industrial knowledge and the amplification of manufacturers process knowledge for quick and decisive action.

This next phase in our partnership with Northwest Analytics will further expand digital transformations within the manufacturing industry. We are confident that combining these two excellent stand-alone systems through seamless integration will ultimately create a win-win scenario for manufacturers and end-users,” said Johan Hultman, Manager OEM & Embedded Solutions at Sartorius. “Our customers will now be able to utilize the powerful and easy to build SIMCA® models offered by Sartorius to improve process performance and overall profitability with a proven data-driven approach” he adds.

With the NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite as the foundational analytics platform for many manufacturers, the Sartorius SIMCA® software capabilities expand analytics capabilities available through the platform to accelerate digital transformation for large-scale manufacturers.

And leading manufacturers agree. Mary Beth Seasholtz, technology principal in analytics at Dow “Dow has used SIMCA® for many years to derive value from data in Manufacturing.  The seamless integration of SIMCA® models into the NWA Analytics Knowledge Suite is an exciting development.  This enables (Dow) us to put results from data science models into the hands of users to make the data-driven decisions for improved reliability in Manufacturing.”

Echoing that sentiment, Jonathan Alexander, manufacturing data analytics leader from Albemarle indicates,” No longer is multivariate analysis just a tool for statisticians, chemists, and engineers. The partnership between Northwest Analytics and Sartorius means we have the opportunity to operationalize Machine Learning, and finally bring it to the shopfloor.”

Mr. Guilfoyle noted, “There is no singular analytics methodology that covers all needs. Instead, there’s the one that is best fit to help solve a particular issue. This partnership provides manufacturers a wider option of methodologies to solve a wider variety of issues faster.”


Sartorius Data Analytics are leading data analytics experts with multiple applications in high-tech industries worldwide. We support customers at both the individual and enterprise levels to maximize the value of their data, enabling better decision-making and process excellence. With our Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions, which include state of the art software, academy training and education, consulting, and OEM services, we help our customers to grow their businesses by maximizing profitability and minimizing time to market.