NWA provides manufacturing intelligence expertise at meeting of top chemical executives

June 4, 2014

Northwest Analytics provides manufacturing intelligence expertise to India's new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, at meeting of top chemical executives

Improving production environments at top of Modi's reform plan for India's manufacturers

Portland, Oregon, June 2, 2014 –On May 16, Narendra Modi won India's election for Prime Minister in a landslide. On May 27, Northwest Analytics (NWA) Vice President, Jim Petrusich, invited by Mr. Modi through NWA partner Gemini Software Solutions, addressed more than 150 top chemical executives at a meeting in the “city of hydrocarbons,” Vadodara, India.  This meeting of the Inter-Action Programme of Vadodara Enviro Channel Limited was held in support of Mr. Modi’s 10-point reform plan about how manufacturing intelligence technologies improve plant performance and productivity, and in turn, local production environments.

As a featured speaker, Mr. Petrusich outlined how leading chemical companies are moving from an operating environment of inspect-and-reject to predict-and-prevent using real-time analytic monitoring. Aided by video conversations with Lloyd Colegrove, Data Director at Dow Chemical, Mr. Petrusich offered expertise on:

  • How chemical companies in India can use manufacturing intelligence technology to improve water quality through better performance;
  • Transitioning from an inspect-and-reject approach to one that capitalizes on a predict-and-prevent methodology;
  • Cutting through the “white noise” of manufacturing data;
  • The differing uses of real-time analytics at the transactional, tactical and strategic levels; and,
  • How Dow Chemical achieved its longest catalyst run ever in both time and product generated.

Mr. Petrusich noted, “Although Prime Minister Modi is well known for being pro-business, he is also clearly improving the performance of chemical companies through technology and, in turn, the environment for the Indian people.  He has already accomplished much in his home state, and everyone expects this to continue at the federal level.”

Based on examples generated directly from real-world use cases from several leading chemical manufacturers, the presentation focused on the importance of developing systems, similar to NWA Focus EMI®, that work with existing infrastructure to leverage data to reduce waste and increase efficiencies.

Immediately following the conference, numerous chemical company executives in attendance consulted privately with Mr. Petrusich about the benefits of applying real-time analytics solutions to improve in-processes as well as managing incoming raw materials from suppliers.

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