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Northwest Analytics launches the next generation of NWA Quality Analyst® with the release of Version 7 for industrial manufacturers.

  • Modernized user experience with a user-friendly, contemporary UI standard. 
  • Next-generation technology, compatible with the latest Microsoft releases, ensuring peak performance.
  • Enhanced multivariate capabilities.
  • Improved database connectivity.


Portland Oregon, January 9, 2024 - Northwest Analytics has launched the next generation of NWA Quality Analyst® with the release of version 7.  It continues a long tradition of supporting data-driven decision making with industrial analytics.

Built with the future in mind, the new NWA Quality Analyst 7® delivers a comprehensive, intuitive SPC charting and analysis software solution delivering an ideal combination of power, flexibility, and ease of use. The release of NWA Quality Analyst 7 marks a significant step forward with an emphasis on underline technology to ensure peak performance. As process industries continue to invest in digital transformation initiatives, the demand to work with more and more data grows in parallel. NWA Quality Analyst 7 is specifically engineered to work with large datasets and complex queries.

Peter Guilfoyle, President & CEO at Northwest Analytics, said: “There are thousands of organizations who rely on NWA Quality Analyst every day, and have been for many years. We work closely with our customers to understand their experiences, feedback, and requirements and poured every bit of it back into NWA Quality Analyst 7. Every modern manufacturing organization is tasked with scaled production that relies on (time-series) data to understand, manage, and optimize operations. Statistical Process Control (SPC) has long been the foundational analytics-of-choice to deliver meaningful change. NWA Quality Analyst 7 combines peak performance and a seamless user experience. And that’s a needle mover for our customers.”

Additional NWA Quality Analyst 7 capabilities include:

  • Enhanced advanced analytics featuring integrations with Sartorius SIMCA and Infometrix Pirouette, with the addition of Partial Least Squares (PLS) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) methodology to the NWA Multivariate Analytics module.
  • Optimized workflows with a modernized user interface.
  • Ability to chart shifting-specification capabilities for SPC charting and Process Capability analysis.
  • Multipoint selection on SPC charts.
  • Sampling methods for time-series data
  • ‘IN’ function for connectivity filters

Guilfoyle added, “Northwest Analytics is dedicated to helping manufacturers transform how they advantage themselves using quality data. The release of NWA Quality Analyst 7 helps manufacturers position themselves for a successful digital transformation journey by setting a solid and scalable foundation of Statistical Process Control”.

Further Information

For detailed information about the improvements in NWA Quality Analyst 7 version release, please visit here. Customers can expect to receive detailed communications regarding features, benefits, and upgrade paths through other communication channels. To see NWA Quality Analyst 7’s functionality in-action and ask questions directly to our experienced team including Application Engineers, register for the “Lunch & Learn Series: Data-Driven Decision Making with NWA Quality Analyst 7”.

About Northwest Analytics

Northwest Analytics is the leading provider of analytics-based knowledge solutions for global manufacturers spanning nearly every industry vertical, including chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic materials, and others. Northwest Analytics solutions enable manufacturers to identify, codify and amplify process knowledge throughout the enterprise to address top critical operational challenges, including process quality, loss of process knowledge, shrinking the skills gap and reducing the time to problem resolution. Manufacturers have used NWA's award-winning solutions to return more than $1B to their bottom lines. Founded in 1982, Northwest Analytics' global headquarters is in Portland OR, with offices in the UK.