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Portland, Ore, June 21, 2021 – Manufacturing analytics company Northwest Analytics (NWA) signed a strategic collaboration with Global Value Web (GVW), a value chain enabling company to accelerate digital transformation and the ability of global manufacturers to leverage analytics for real-time operational guidance to reduce risk, increase productivity and better address market and customer needs.


“The GVW partnership marks a continuation of our strategy to enable manufacturers to generate, capture and leverage their process analytics knowledge in new and unique ways that ultimately best serves their customers,” said Northwest Analytics CEO, Peter Guilfoyle. “The combination of the NWA Focus EMI platform and GVW’s ability to help pharmaceutical and chemical manufactures successfully improve processes and the associated value chains is perfectly suited to deliver clear benefits for large and mid-size companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.”


The combination of the industry’s leading manufacturing analytics platform, NWA Focus EMI® - and GVW’s extensive expertise delivering operational improvements in global value chains uniquely addresses customers of both companies to unlock additional value from existing manufacturing data technology infrastructure investments.


Global Value Web executes parts of information and knowledge intensive processes on behalf of its customers, providing better, more accurate information, and therefore making our customers global value chains more reliable.


“With manufacturers seeking to accelerate digital transformation efforts but struggling to know how and where to get started, this collaboration with Northwest Analytics is a win for all of our clients and prospects. Delivering a solution that unites the organization around clear analytical signals and optimal actions directly from operations is foundational to the success of their digital transformation journeys,” noted Louis Hendriks, Managing Director at Global Value Web (GVW).

NWA Focus EMI® analytics platform provides a solid and extensible foundation for digital transformation initiatives, enabling manufacturers with the early-warning signals, paired with SME guidance, to predict and prevent potential operational upsets. This reliable, persistent, and real-time operational guidance helps manufacturers reduce costs, increase yields, improve overall quality, and better meet customer needs.


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Northwest Analytics is the leading provider of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 manufacturing analytics solutions for manufacturers, delivering process decision guidance for 35% of the Forbes 1000 manufacturers and more than 3,000 manufacturing customers worldwide. Northwest Analytics is focused exclusively on enabling better operational visibility and analytics-based decision making for manufacturers through a powerful, easy-to-use suite of manufacturing analytics solutions that emphasize enterprise-wide integration, scalability, and sustainability. Northwest Analytics is the partner-of-choice when it comes to helping its customers increase operating efficiencies and throughput, while delivering a fast and effective ROI.



Global Value Web: Enabling the Transition GVW is an expert in the field of reliable and accessible data, connecting the dots along the life sciences and patient value chains. Based on our expertise, we help innovative medical research centers, life sciences Research & Development centers, and production facilities worldwide enabling better science and smooth business operations.


Our managed services and solutions transcend existing systems and working methods, with client satisfaction on every level as the ultimate indicator. Together we realize cross-fertilization from different disciplines to enrich organizations with their data, and “close loop” their processes. To deal with the operational challenges of today, as well as to pre-sort for tomorrow's answers in an ever-changing context.