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NWA Focus EMI® is a best-in-class, award-winning manufacturing intelligence software solution delivering real-time process analytics, statistically significant alarm notifications, and role-based dashboards with a complete picture of process status and health across the plant, across the enterprise. 
NWA Focus EMI is unique in its ability to handle a wide variety of data without the need for constant monitoring by experts; minimizing missed signals and false positives, instilling the confidence to take action and delivering that actionable information to people at all levels of the organization through role-based dashboards. 
  • Operators monitor critical process parameters
  • Plant managers gain real-time oversight through analytics based KPI’s
  • Executives automatically see overall performance passed indicators related to plant performance for a single business unit or across the enterprise
NWA Focus EMI is using the same data, through one solution, in real time, delivering a single version of the truth. 
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"On the plant level, the return on investment (ROI) was immediate when we first turned it (NWA Focus EMI) on. And in terms of a dollar value, that's going to depend on how you value the mistakes you avoid."
Lloyd Colegrove, PhD
Data services Director & Fundamental Problem Solving Director
The Dow Chemical Company

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